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The Essence of Morality

We must be careful that our morality is truly used for the betterment of the world — not to boost our ego by disparaging others. This is not morality. It’s a superiority complex. Morality seems to be very big today. But what is morality, and according to who? While there are many schools of thought, spirituality, religion, etc, there seems to be some universally shared values or guidelines among these systems. But we’ve largely become a chaotic and secular society with a less cohesive perception of right and wrong. Our views are based more on emotion, hype and mob mentality. […]

The Essence of Morality, photo by Josh Humble

Going Our Separate Ways

Giving a relationship its due course and time is a show of maturity, dignity, and respect. Rushing things, however, lacks sincerity. It’s a sign of insecurity and ulterior motives. Photographed within a wooded area of Indianapolis, these trees stuck out like lovers growing apart — a very common thing in our day. We live in a world where everyone needs everything now — we can’t wait, even for the biggest things in life like marriage. Getting wrapped up in emotion with, “you just know when it’s right,” before really giving a relationship time generally doesn’t work. Mindfulness and a dose of pragmatism […]