©Josh Humble

Going Our Separate Ways

Relationships Take Time ©Josh Humble

©Josh Humble

Giving a relationship its due course and time is a show of maturity, dignity, and respect. Rushing things, however, lacks sincerity. It’s a sign of insecurity and ulterior motives.

Photographed within a wooded area of Indianapolis, these trees stuck out like lovers growing apart — a very common thing in our day. We live in a world where everyone needs everything now — we can’t wait, even for the biggest things in life like marriage. Getting wrapped up in emotion with, “you just know when it’s right,” before really giving a relationship time generally doesn’t work. Mindfulness and a dose of pragmatism is incredibly valuable for the sake of all involved.

So many are unhappy with their partnership over time, and many of us spend our whole life afraid to admit it. It’s due to various things, including cultural issues and a lack of contentment from within. But ultimately, we often don’t seek the right soulmate, basing our attractions more on delusion from unresolved personal issues. Further — many of us are much better served without the bondage of a relationship altogether.

Do we really know who our partner is? Do we really know who we are? What’s the rush?

The image above is from the Phonography Series. Photographed with my Samsung Galaxy S4, edited with Snapseed. It was converted to monochrome, vignetted, dodged & burned to emphasize both the beautiful splash of light streaking through the subjects — AND the aloneness of former love, going our separate ways…

Landscape and street photographer roaming The Midwest with a camera, phone, and random thoughts. Composer, pianist, voice actor, budo.

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beautiful image & beautifully written! So true in life-your words are spot on.